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Rachel Baker

Manager, Nutrition Content & Services 


“CarnoSyn beta-alanine is a well-known sports ingredient that many consumers have grown to expect over the years. That coupled with a scientific portfolio makes it a no-brainer for some of our key sports performance innovations here at GNC.”

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CarnoSyn Bryan Morin Portrait
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Bryan Morin

Sports Brand Manager
NOW® Sports

“Here at NOW Sports, we choose to formulate with CarnoSyn beta-alanine because it’s the safest, highest quality, most effective product on the market. Working with CarnoSyn has helped legitimize us as a top sports nutrition brand.”

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CarnoSyn Kris Gethin Portrait
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Kris Gethin

Chief Executive Officer
Kaged Muscle®

“I believe scientifically-backed ingredients are very important to brands and consumers because that proves the efficacy, the safety, the purity of that product. Overall, the values that CarnoSyn brings to our brand is authenticity and quality.”

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Greg Tetzlaff

Head of Product Content & Industry Influencers

“Nutrabolt formulates with CarnoSyn because it’s the most premium, most studied, and most scientifically researched beta-alanine on the market.”

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